Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1318649February 3, 2019CaliforniaFirebaugh600 block of N. Fairfax Ave10
1510016September 22, 2019CaliforniaSan MarinoDuarte Rd and San Gabriel Blvd01
1481873August 16, 2019CaliforniaOakleyE Cypress Rd and Main St01
1514447September 26, 2019CaliforniaLucerne ValleyN/A01
1358685March 29, 2019CaliforniaLos Angeles1557 W 123rd St01
1481936August 17, 2019CaliforniaPoway13409 Midland Rd10
1429563June 23, 2019CaliforniaOakland2311 Embarcadero01
1518231October 1, 2019CaliforniaStockton400 block of Clay St01
1365772April 6, 2019CaliforniaStocktonGateway Court01
1487151August 23, 2019CaliforniaSan Francisco19th St and Capp St01
1525136October 11, 2019CaliforniaBakersfieldCentaur St01
1384252April 29, 2019CaliforniaHumboldt (county)Hwy 29901
1501120September 9, 2019CaliforniaRiverside2242 University Ave01
1446077July 10, 2019CaliforniaUnion CityPalmetto Dr and Butternut Court01
1405732May 26, 2019CaliforniaLong Beach2400 block of Chestnut Ave00
1501556August 27, 2019CaliforniaLos Angeles2510 E 6th St01
1447821July 14, 2019ColoradoAuroraNewark St and E 13th Ave10
1414356June 2, 2019ColoradoGrand Junction1600 block of North Ave01
1328612February 15, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs4600 Rusina Rd01
1451185July 18, 2019ColoradoAurora3871 S Fraser St02
1422643June 14, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs4800 block of Manzana Dr01
1511759September 23, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs1472 Meadow Peak View00
1328988February 17, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs5100 block of Airport Rd01
1428572June 20, 2019ColoradoBoulder (county)N/A01
1444578July 9, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs (Security)Hennings Dr01