Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2716774September 26, 2023WisconsinMadisonN/A01000
2905528May 27, 2023WisconsinRacineLiberty St00011
2769797November 24, 2023WisconsinRib LakeN/A01000
2762276November 19, 2023WisconsinFriendshipN/A01001
2751349November 8, 2023WisconsinMilwaukeeN 64th St and W Custer Ave01000
2743476October 19, 2023WisconsinOnalaskaN/A01001
2731784October 16, 2023WisconsinMilwaukee4500 block of N 57th St10000
2721168October 2, 2023WisconsinMilwaukee3001 W Silver Spring Dr01000
2718060September 26, 2023WisconsinMadison7202 Watts Rd00010
2715414September 22, 2023WisconsinBurlington344th Ave01000
2709066September 16, 2023WisconsinPleasant Prairie8920 83rd St01000
2696701August 31, 2023WisconsinMilwaukeeN 13th St and W Atkinson Ave01000
2673076August 6, 2023WisconsinMilwaukee4616 W Hampton Ave01000
2667656July 30, 2023WisconsinMilwaukee2600 block of W Clarke St01001
2665814July 27, 2023WisconsinBeloit700 block of Highland Ave01000
2662538July 24, 2023WisconsinMilwaukee6400 block of N 76th St10001
2659809July 21, 2023WisconsinMilwaukeeI-43 and Lapham Blvd01011
2657886July 19, 2023WisconsinMilwaukee5100 block of N 64th St01000
2655817July 17, 2023WisconsinMilwaukee9000 block of N 85th St01001
2499617January 9, 2023WyomingCheyenne1400 Dell Range Blvd10001
2731296October 15, 2023WyomingRozetMoran Ranch Rd01001
2751231November 5, 2023WyomingGilletteInexco Dr01000
2796401November 28, 2023WyomingLovellWY-37 and Co Ln 8 1/210000