Unintentional Shootings

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1658455April 13, 2020OhioChillicothe331 McKellar St20
1616191February 6, 2020AlabamaChoccolocco3400 block of Choccolocco Rd01
1587916January 3, 2020OhioCincinnati11355 Chester Rd01
1613176February 2, 2020OhioCincinnati2400 block of Reading Rd10
1681915May 17, 2020OhioCincinnati4800 block of Hawaiian Ter10
1719434June 27, 2020OhioCincinnatiBank St and Freeman Ave00
1681814May 16, 2020DelawareClaymont4th Ave01
1588319January 4, 2020FloridaClermont215 US-2702
1585741January 1, 2020OhioClevelandMerrill Ave and West 58th St10
1604776January 23, 2020OhioClevelandW 38th St and Robert Ave01
1648398March 29, 2020TexasCleveland100 block of CR 356001
1666571April 26, 2020OhioCleveland13000 block of Benwood Ave10
1685388May 12, 2020OhioCleveland4100 block of E 143rd St10
1694769June 1, 2020OhioCleveland3100 block of E 94th St10
1710749June 19, 2020OhioCleveland1800 block of Buhrer Ave01
1594379January 10, 2020New YorkClifton Park926 NY-14600
1634741February 28, 2020New YorkClifton ParkN/A00
1611369January 31, 2020TexasClydeCR 52510
1648172March 29, 2020New HampshireColebrook (Columbia)N/A01
1622225February 13, 2020TexasCollege Station900 block of Balcones Dr00
1626757February 11, 2020IllinoisCollinsvilleBrookhill Ct01
1641058March 12, 2020ColoradoColorado Springs3900 block of Harmony Dr01
1692284May 29, 2020ColoradoColorado Springs4600 block of Stoner Ave01
1602855January 17, 2020South CarolinaColumbia8700 block of Windsor Lake Blvd01
1633807March 3, 2020South CarolinaColumbia6600 block of Bailey St01