Children Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1593690January 10, 2020MissouriSaint Louis1600 block of W Pine Blvd01
1649442March 31, 2020MissouriKansas CityE Truman Rd and Winchester Ave01
1720751June 29, 2020MissouriFlorissant11800 block of Seven Hills Dr21
1603936January 23, 2020MissouriKansas CityE 57th St and Wabash Ave03
1678419May 12, 2020MissouriSaint Louis1800 block of N 20th St02
1701175June 9, 2020MissouriSaint Louis4000 block of Peck St02
1722332June 30, 2020MissouriSaint Louis6000 block of Shulte Ave01
1725946July 5, 2020MissouriColumbiaVolunteer Dr and Grace Ln23
1696472June 3, 2020MissouriHazelwood6950 N Hanley Rd01
1628275February 23, 2020MissouriKansas City8500 block of E 92nd Pl01
1681115May 16, 2020NebraskaOmaha9315 Maplewood Blvd02
1609836January 30, 2020New JerseyCamden300 block of Chestnut Ave02
1616601February 7, 2020New JerseyBrowns Mills21 Maricopa Trail10
1695756May 31, 2020New JerseyWest Orange3 Susan Ct20
1718726June 27, 2020New JerseyElizabeth688 Maple Ave01
1698751June 6, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque7111 Acton Ct NW10
1729314July 8, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque9930 Lomas Blvd NE01
1697441June 4, 2020New YorkAlbanyNew Hope Terrace01
1721430June 30, 2020New YorkBrooklyn369 E 29th St01
1605798January 26, 2020New YorkNewburgh1571 NY-30031
1702545June 10, 2020New YorkSyracuse100 block of McKinley Ave01
1683798May 19, 2020New YorkBuffalo300 block of Guilford St02
1705158June 13, 2020New YorkAlbany100 block of 2nd Ave01
1624073February 18, 2020New YorkCollinsNY-3901
1716953June 25, 2020New YorkNew York (Manhattan)E 102nd St and Park Ave02