Children Killed or Injured in 2018

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killedsort ascending# InjuredOperations
1019113January 1, 2018CaliforniaLos Angeles105th St and Denker Ave03
1158300July 6, 2018VirginiaNewport News3600 block of Roanoke Avenue02
1108009May 4, 2018CaliforniaFresnoW Simpson Ave and N Delno Ave02
1063057February 1, 2018South CarolinaSumter800 block of Broad St01
1255065November 11, 2018ConnecticutGreenwichN/A01
1025876January 12, 2018North CarolinaDurham3804 N Duke St01
1162071July 11, 2018CaliforniaOakland81st Ave and Holly St01
1126748May 27, 2018MissouriSaint LouisKennerly Ave and Hamilton Ave02
1067816March 12, 2018OhioClevelandE 37th St and Capers Ave02
1266335November 29, 2018LouisianaShreveport4600 block of Lyba St03
1033101January 20, 2018OhioLorainLarkmoor Ave and Missouri Ave02
1188604August 14, 2018CaliforniaHelendale15000 block of Tournament Drive01
1136664June 8, 2018MissouriSaint Louis3900 block of Winnebago02
1072999March 18, 2018WisconsinSpartaWilliams Ln01
1275261December 11, 2018CaliforniaSan FranciscoOakdale Ave and Baldwin Court02
1197086August 27, 2018GeorgiaDecatur3100 block of Citrus Ct02
1039431January 20, 2018FloridaWebsterN/A01
1143676June 18, 2018FloridaMiami17780 SW 104th Ave01
1082733April 1, 2018MarylandRandallstown50 block of Cinnamon Cir03
1211770September 17, 2018AlabamaHuntsville1321 Woodmont Ave SE01
1049070February 13, 2018MissouriKansas City (Raytown)6307 Ash Ave01
1153093June 29, 2018MissouriIndependence9500 block of E Winner Rd03
1089783April 7, 2018MississippiPhiladelphiaChestnut Street01
1057192February 24, 2018West VirginiaCharlestonN/A01
1218155September 25, 2018ArkansasPine BluffW 28th Ave and S Catalpa St02