Children Killed or Injured in 2018

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1053616February 20, 2018MichiganBay City3700 block of Wheeler Rd30
1151823June 28, 2018MichiganFlint4400 block of Calkins Rd02
1075856March 23, 2018MichiganDetroit11511 Plymouth Rd01
1272433December 8, 2018MichiganDetroit13000 block of Flanders St01
1085881April 5, 2018MichiganDetroit11000 block of Chelsea Ave01
1230196October 9, 2018MichiganFlint200 block of West Austin Ave10
1277170December 14, 2018MichiganRoseville16415 Dort St10
1121440May 20, 2018MichiganRiver RougeCampbell St10
1260656November 21, 2018MichiganGrand Rapids100 block of Quigley Blvd SW02
1471533June 19, 2018MichiganLansing800 block of Loa St20
1264778November 27, 2018MichiganPontiac900 block of Joslyn Ave01
1210032September 13, 2018MichiganDetroit19000 block of Lyndon21
1135369June 4, 2018MichiganFlintN/A01
1225368October 4, 2018MinnesotaMinneapolis1400 block of Newton Ave N01
1117434May 16, 2018MinnesotaMinneapolis (Plymouth)6000 block of Shenandoah Ln10
1256595November 15, 2018MinnesotaBemidjiN/A01
1270902December 5, 2018MississippiNettleton30013 Clay Hill Rd01
1229732October 10, 2018MississippiJackson1300 block of Bailey Ave03
1157086July 5, 2018MississippiMoorheadUS-82 and MS-320
1166554July 15, 2018MississippiGreenville1400 block of Casavechia St01
1180516August 5, 2018MississippiHattiesburg3800 block of W 4th St01
1283645December 23, 2018MississippiJackson3200 block of Downing St01
1205667September 5, 2018MississippiPearl3127 Greenfield Rd01
1134060June 4, 2018MississippiBrookhavenHenry Myers St01
1266132November 29, 2018MississippiJackson2500 N State St02