Children Killed or Injured in 2018

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1172005July 25, 2018IllinoisChicago1900 block of W 48th St02
1173637July 27, 2018IllinoisChicago1100 block of S Troy St04
1179619August 5, 2018IllinoisChicago1300 block of S Millard Ave15
1189717August 17, 2018IllinoisChicago1600 block of W 65th St07
1197134August 27, 2018IllinoisChicago6200 block of North Richmond St30
1202488September 2, 2018IllinoisChicago11700 block of S Perry Ave02
1213836September 19, 2018IllinoisChicagoW Cermak Rd and S State St04
1227063October 6, 2018IllinoisChicago2200 block of N Kilbourn Ave11
1134029June 4, 2018IllinoisChicago Heights (Ford Heights)1100 block of Drexel Ave01
1056455February 24, 2018OhioCincinnatiHamilton Ave and Roosevelt Ave03
1198081August 28, 2018OhioCincinnatiDantzler Dr01
1286792December 28, 2018OhioCincinnati900 block of Burton Ave01
1226148October 5, 2018OhioCincinnati (Mount Healthy)7840 Clovernook Avenue10
1185520August 12, 2018CaliforniaClearlake4786 Yarrington Ct41
1048070February 11, 2018OhioCleveland6800 block of Guthrie Ave01
1067816March 12, 2018OhioClevelandE 37th St and Capers Ave02
1086084March 25, 2018OhioClevelandMannering Rd01
1106438May 3, 2018OhioCleveland1600 block of E 93rd St01
1130782May 31, 2018OhioClevelandE 123rd St and Harvard Ave01
1145852June 20, 2018OhioClevelandLee Rd and Harvard Ave10
1261570November 22, 2018OhioClevelandE 154th Pl and Holmes Ave01
1248514November 6, 2018MissouriClinton500 block of South 11 St. Terrace10
1190737August 19, 2018IowaClive11428 Forrest Ave01
1256230November 14, 2018AlabamaCollegeville31st St N10
1034355January 23, 2018ColoradoColorado Springs1145 Bell Tower Heights01