Children Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1684658May 21, 2020MichiganDetroit18600 block of Birwood St10
1685108May 20, 2020MichiganDetroitNett St and Van Dyke Ave01
1695502June 2, 2020MichiganDetroitRutherford St and Pembroke Ave02
1697114June 4, 2020MichiganDetroitN/A02
1712443June 21, 2020MichiganDetroit19700 block of Plainview Ave03
1724231July 4, 2020MichiganDetroit8300 block of Homer St14
1731314July 9, 2020MichiganDetroitRex Ave and Lappin Ave01
1677649May 9, 2020TexasDickinson (San Leon)500 block of 24th St01
1622642February 16, 2020North CarolinaDurham600 block of Reservoir St11
1652839April 5, 2020North CarolinaDurham1215 Truman St01
1701469June 9, 2020IllinoisEast Saint Louis1200 block of McCasland Ave12
1729375July 7, 2020LouisianaEdgardAMP Cir03
1711149June 18, 2020TexasEl Paso700 block of Ascension Rd10
1718726June 27, 2020New JerseyElizabeth688 Maple Ave01
1671655May 3, 2020KentuckyElizabethtown1242 Woodland Dr10
1606124January 26, 2020CaliforniaElk Grove5500 block of Tamarindo Lane20
1677288May 11, 2020MarylandElkton122 Huntsman Dr03
1721372June 30, 2020West VirginiaElkviewDeer Run Rd10
1644701March 21, 2020MississippiEllisvilleN Church St and E Paulding Rd03
1606756January 24, 2020ColoradoEstes ParkUpper Beaver Meadows Rd20
1658687April 13, 2020GeorgiaEvans817 Cummings Rd01
1617203February 7, 2020AlabamaFairfield300 block of 67th St01
1671282May 2, 2020AlabamaFairfield7201 Aaron Aronov Dr01
1636763March 8, 2020North CarolinaFairviewN/A10
1682432May 17, 2020MichiganFlint2200 block of Cadillac St10