Children Killed or Injured in 2018

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1085881April 5, 2018MichiganDetroit11000 block of Chelsea Ave01
1110902May 8, 2018MichiganDetroit5900 block of Marcus St01
1140585June 13, 2018MichiganDetroitSanford Ave and Conner St12
1186293August 13, 2018MichiganDetroit12000 block of Laing01
1206640September 9, 2018MichiganDetroit3000 block of S Annabelle St01
1210032September 13, 2018MichiganDetroit19000 block of Lyndon21
1272433December 8, 2018MichiganDetroit13000 block of Flanders St01
1042224February 3, 2018South CarolinaDillonLester Rd12
1025876January 12, 2018North CarolinaDurham3804 N Duke St01
1213639September 16, 2018North CarolinaDurhamMartin St01
1109979May 5, 2018IndianaEast Chicago3700 block of Elm St10
1251239October 15, 2018IllinoisEast Saint Louis (Cahokia)1100 block of George St01
1207227September 10, 2018IllinoisEast Saint Louis700 block of N 37th St01
1072200March 17, 2018GeorgiaEatonton222 Milledgeville Rd24
1133961June 5, 2018KentuckyElizabethtown43 West Airview Dr10
1191726August 19, 2018LouisianaEuniceBoudreaux St01
1242733October 27, 2018IndianaEvansville1353 Savannah Dr01
1066250March 9, 2018North CarolinaFayetteville848 Tamarack Dr01
1019515January 1, 2018MichiganFlint5501 Granville Ave10
1135369June 4, 2018MichiganFlintN/A01
1151823June 28, 2018MichiganFlint4400 block of Calkins Rd02
1230196October 9, 2018MichiganFlint200 block of West Austin Ave10
1080392March 29, 2018MissouriFlorissant1415 East Duchesne30
1278778December 14, 2018MissouriFlorissant13 Holly Ln10
1268243November 27, 2018FloridaFort Pierce2500 block of S 30th St01