Children Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1687907May 24, 2020PennsylvaniaLehighton100 block of Laurel Spring Rd10
1641069March 17, 2020KentuckyLexington400 block of Campbell St10
1649454March 31, 2020North CarolinaLexingtonGreensboro St and W Hemstead St20
1671295May 3, 2020KentuckyLexington1200 block of Old Main St01
1712143June 20, 2020OhioLima1200 block of Virginia Ave10
1714705June 21, 2020MichiganLincoln ParkI-75 and W Outer Dr01
1605303January 25, 2020ArkansasLittle Rock3100 block of South Ringo St21
1670329May 1, 2020ArkansasLittle Rock1 Karon Court20
1677182May 8, 2020ArkansasLittle Rock5001 W 65th St01
1647912March 29, 2020CaliforniaLomita25814 Hillworth Ave30
1632857February 29, 2020TexasLongview1300 block of Zeola St01
1679136May 13, 2020TexasLongview800 block of Martin Luther King Blvd01
1597395January 15, 2020CaliforniaLos Angeles500 block of Woodlawn Ave01
1631519February 29, 2020CaliforniaLos Angeles4100 block of Somerset Dr02
1705750June 14, 2020CaliforniaLos Angeles2927 Francis Ave01
1722094July 1, 2020CaliforniaLos Angeles9200 block of Success Ave30
1631705March 1, 2020KentuckyLouisville1500 block of South 9th Street01
1640042March 15, 2020KentuckyLouisville4200 block of Lees Lane10
1676214May 9, 2020KentuckyLouisville5000 block of Cedrus Cir02
1689025May 26, 2020KentuckyLouisville5400 block of Regal Rd01
1697036June 4, 2020KentuckyLouisville2600 block of Virginia Ave02
1714970June 23, 2020KentuckyLouisvilleBayshore Ct and Feyhurst Dr02
1673504May 5, 2020North CarolinaLumberton4390 Fayetteville Rd01
1685889May 22, 2020North CarolinaLumbertonAlamac Village Dr02
1690969May 27, 2020IllinoisMachesney Park1121 Minns Dr30