Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2608534May 24, 2023MichiganAnn Arbor1800 block of Arbordale St00000
2682034August 15, 2023MichiganAnn Arbor2350 W Stadium Blvd00010
2702225September 8, 2023TennesseeAntioch4856 Goodwin Rd00100
2695169August 30, 2023TennesseeAntioch1109 Bell Rd01100
2728002September 19, 2023OklahomaArdmore1200 block of 3rd Ave NE00022
2718278September 28, 2023TexasArlington1104 W I-2000011
2697879August 27, 2023ColoradoArvada8008 Chase Dr00011
2785492December 22, 2023North CarolinaAsheville353 New Leicester Hwy10102
2569698April 10, 2023GeorgiaAthens1000 block of Tallassee Rd00011
2667303July 30, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta3146 Reeves Cir NW00010
2752984November 11, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta2839 Buford Hwy NE03001
2748027November 5, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta11 Decatur St SE01000
2742766October 28, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta1218 Epworth St00011
2693249August 28, 2023GeorgiaAtlantaLeicester Way SE00020
2668047July 31, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta3378 Greenbriar Pkwy SW00100
2508826January 20, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta1080 Peachtree St NE00011
2667293July 29, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta275 Pryor St SW00011
2654353July 15, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta201 Moury Ave SE00010
2609532May 26, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta1163 Metropolitan Pkwy SW01000
2603171May 20, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta1955 Campbellton Rd SW01100
2599870May 15, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta333 Peters St SW01000
2574908April 16, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta378 Kelly St SE00010
2527616February 17, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta3400 Valley Chase Ct00100
2515161January 30, 2023GeorgiaAtlantaWall St NW and Fairlie St NW00011
2512425January 27, 2023GeorgiaAtlanta2778 Vineyard Dr00010