Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1595633January 12, 2020MissouriSaint Louis700 block of Dickson St00
1684399May 20, 2020MissouriColumbia4300 block of Derby Ridge Dr00
1648129March 26, 2020MissouriStark CityNorway Rd01
1699628June 7, 2020MissouriSaint Louis4403 N Hanley Rd01
1600787January 19, 2020MissouriKansas City4802 Noland Rd215
1686181May 22, 2020MissouriSaint Louis11100 block of Riaza Square00
1651116March 31, 2020MissouriIndependence1000 block of E Stone St00
1707628June 16, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3628 S Broadway01
1609753January 30, 2020MissouriKansas City11800 block of N Campbell St01
1687327May 23, 2020MissouriBirch TreeCounty Rd 46410
1669268April 29, 2020MissouriSaint Louis5300 block of S Compton Ave01
1707774June 17, 2020MissouriSpringfield3030 W Kingsley St10
1615421February 5, 2020MissouriColumbia1400 block of Doris Dr10
1687341May 23, 2020MissouriSpringfield1100 block of N Missouri Ave01
1669740April 29, 2020MissouriSpringfield700 block of E Garfield St01
1718659June 26, 2020MissouriSpringfield2400 block of N Fremont Ave11
1622789February 15, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3400 block of Indiana Ave01
1690743May 27, 2020MissouriJoplin807 S Moffet Ave01
1676098May 9, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3000 block of N Florissant Ave10
1727534July 6, 2020MissouriCarsonvilleN Hanley Rd and Dragonwyck Ave01
1643919March 21, 2020MissouriSaint Louis2800 block of Norwood03
1696715June 3, 2020MissouriSaint Louis5400 block of Beacon Ave01
1676217May 8, 2020MissouriBonne TerreS Long St10
1646099January 9, 2020MissouriSt Louis1100 block of Union Boulevard01
1698700June 5, 2020MissouriKirksville1501 S Jamison St00