Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1426265June 18, 2019MichiganDetroit6000 block of Chopin St10
1427392June 20, 2019MichiganDetroit2400 block of Honorah St11
1437556July 1, 2019MichiganDetroitNeff Ave and E Warren Ave01
1466130August 1, 2019MichiganDetroit8200 block of Woodlawn Ave02
1472351August 6, 2019MichiganDetroit17516 W 7 Mile Rd04
1473828August 8, 2019MichiganDetroitLesure St and Thatcher Ave10
1475541August 10, 2019MichiganDetroit17000 block of Harper Ave02
1482217August 18, 2019MichiganDetroit16600 block of Stansbury Ave11
1492364August 31, 2019MichiganDetroit4000 block of 33rd St01
1507705September 18, 2019MichiganDetroit17339 E Warren Ave10
1509717September 21, 2019MichiganDetroit16233 Schoolcraft St10
1509727September 21, 2019MichiganDetroitSchoolcraft Rd and Wyoming Ave01
1518922September 15, 2019MichiganDetroit10000 block of Fenkell01
1521490October 6, 2019MichiganDetroit15690 Joy Rd02
1526443September 14, 2019MichiganDetroitSchoolcraft and Wyoming01
1547036November 10, 2019MichiganDetroit20200 block of Gilchrist St10
1565605December 5, 2019MichiganDetroit18600 block of Grayfield St01
1451200May 18, 2019MissouriDiamondRoute J01
1492153August 29, 2019TexasDickinson4900 block of 25th St01
1563019November 30, 2019ColoradoDillonN/A01
1365470April 6, 2019West VirginiaDixieN/A00
1424692June 16, 2019AlabamaDothan700 block of N Range St01
1541768November 4, 2019AlabamaDothanGreentree Ave02
1542040November 3, 2019DelawareDover100 block of Old Forge Dr00
1374106April 16, 2019TennesseeDresdenPisgah Rd and Concord Rd10