Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1297722January 10, 2019LouisianaBastrop9016 Cooper Lake Rd11
1398288May 17, 2019LouisianaNew OrleansForshey St and Hollygrove St03
1338073February 28, 2019LouisianaCamptiLA-900
1458086July 25, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge6500 block of Hanks Dr01
1299961January 12, 2019LouisianaBaton RougeN 38th St00
1403088May 22, 2019LouisianaMansfieldLA-17110
1345305March 12, 2019LouisianaNew Orleans9000 block of Hayne Blvd01
1463386June 10, 2019LouisianaBasile1000 block of Easy St01
1303750January 17, 2019LouisianaNew Orleans8700 block of Birch St10
1405801May 25, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge4445 Alvin Dark Ave01
1348256March 16, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge10142 Knights Bridge Ct10
1471183August 6, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge10550 Burbank Dr00
1307497January 21, 2019LouisianaLuling737 Paul Maillard Rd10
1418002June 8, 2019LouisianaZachary9600 block of Lemon Rd10
1359866March 31, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge1800 block of North Marque Ann Dr01
1477046August 11, 2019LouisianaZacharySutter Ln01
1324170February 10, 2019LouisianaBossier City3000 block of June Ln10
1421540June 13, 2019LouisianaLa Place (Laplace)400 block of Belle Terre Blvd01
1376239April 19, 2019LouisianaNew Orleans2300 block of Franklin Ave10
1478423August 11, 2019LouisianaWestwego (Avondale)3071 West US-9002
1327846February 15, 2019LouisianaShreveport4715 Hilry Huckaby III Ave10
1437812May 20, 2019LouisianaNew Orleans5700 block of Crowder Blvd01
1391227May 9, 2019LouisianaNew Orleans2700 block of Cleveland Ave12
1336403January 28, 2019LouisianaBaton Rouge1800 block of Jade Ave00
1448556July 15, 2019LouisianaNew Orleans7001 Martin Dr13