Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1361753April 2, 2019OklahomaKingston7000 block of Enos Rd01
1445638July 11, 2019OklahomaSand Springs18900 block of W Wekiwa Rd21
1494824September 2, 2019OklahomaOklahoma CitySE 44th St and S Prospect Ave10
1326795February 12, 2019OklahomaBroken ArrowS 145th E Ave and E Kenosha St00
1457960July 24, 2019OklahomaTulsaS Lewis Ave and E 45th St01
1500716September 9, 2019OklahomaGuthrieN/A00
1464616June 11, 2019OklahomaLocust Grove1440 N 435 Rd00
1501938September 10, 2019OklahomaTahlequah14600 block of W Clyde Maher Rd10
1361654March 30, 2019OklahomaBristowN/A00
1473903August 8, 2019OklahomaOwassoE 96th St N and N Mingo Rd01
1361734April 2, 2019OklahomaTulsaS Peoria Ave and E 61st St10
1298566January 10, 2019OhioCleveland4621 Central Ave00
1423808June 16, 2019OhioAkronE Exchange St and S Arlington St11
1490003August 24, 2019OhioYoungstownE Montrose St00
1319780February 1, 2019OhioAkron352 Massillon Rd00
1362344April 2, 2019OhioAkron300 block of Storer Ave00
1490391August 28, 2019OhioDayton800 block of Connors St20
1320441February 5, 2019OhioCleveland891 Lakeview Rd11
1454126July 22, 2019OhioCanton2600 block of 2nd St NW10
1366500April 6, 2019OhioAkron200 block of E Emerling Rd00
1373128April 15, 2019OhioMassillon27th St NW10
1355561March 25, 2019OhioAkron1100 block of Laurel Ave02
1389720May 7, 2019OhioCleveland15110 St Clair Ave10
1410482May 30, 2019OhioCleveland9025 Laisy Ave12
1488980August 27, 2019OhioAkron600 block of Crosby St00