Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1382364April 28, 2019TennesseeNashville2614 Jefferson St10
1396445May 15, 2019TennesseeNashville3200 block of Crowe Dr02
1405907May 26, 2019TennesseeNashville204 Commerce St10
1411336May 31, 2019TennesseeNashvilleN/A00
1413027June 3, 2019TennesseeNashville1019 Patricia Dr01
1438470July 3, 2019TennesseeNashvilleLafayette St01
1449260July 15, 2019TennesseeNashvilleCharles E Davis Blvd01
1451942July 18, 2019TennesseeNashville1800 Jefferson St00
1457596July 24, 2019TennesseeNashville2801 John A Merritt Blvd10
1465986August 1, 2019TennesseeNashville1300 Jefferson St10
1466182July 31, 2019TennesseeNashvilleFatherland St01
1485543August 22, 2019TennesseeNashville130 W Trinity Ln02
1301961January 14, 2019TexasNacogdochesCo Rd 29800
1483383August 19, 2019TexasNacogdoches1800 block of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd02
1472490August 3, 2019South CarolinaMyrtle Beach28th Ave N00
1449519July 13, 2019MichiganMuskegon (Muskegon Heights)2300 block of Hovey St10
1336548February 26, 2019TennesseeMurfreesboro130 Shelby St00
1343538March 9, 2019TennesseeMurfreesboro1000 block of Tiger Woods Way02
1513353September 26, 2019TennesseeMunfordN/A01
1474932July 6, 2019IllinoisMundelein300 block of Oakdale Ave00
1362642April 1, 2019IdahoMullanN/A00
1379491April 24, 2019MichiganMount Clemens116 S Main St01
1439464July 4, 2019MissouriMoscow Mills400 block of Hill St10
1481693August 16, 2019FloridaMorriston7580 NW 145th Ave Rd00
1353566March 23, 2019AlabamaMontgomery900 block of Queensbury Dr01