Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killedsort ascending# InjuredOperations
1588971January 5, 2020South CarolinaColumbia918 Gervais St02
1686181May 22, 2020MissouriSaint Louis11100 block of Riaza Square00
1646059March 25, 2020PennsylvaniaHanover400 block of Baltimore St01
1615101February 5, 2020TexasSan Antonio1880 Horal St01
1716691June 25, 2020TexasNewton (county)N/A00
1594876January 6, 2020KentuckyIsomRacetrack Hollow02
1694257May 21, 2020CaliforniaSanta Monica400 block of 10th Street01
1648129March 26, 2020MissouriStark CityNorway Rd01
1618847February 4, 2020TennesseeKingsport1053 Lynn Garden Dr00
1719662June 28, 2020TexasDiboll702 S 1st St02
1598790January 16, 2020MississippiJackson600 block of Daniel Cir01
1696715June 3, 2020MissouriSaint Louis5400 block of Beacon Ave01
1650756March 29, 2020IllinoisBloomingtonE 10th St01
1622284February 15, 2020TexasSan Antonio400 block of Bonner Ave01
1727534July 6, 2020MissouriCarsonvilleN Hanley Rd and Dragonwyck Ave01
1602233January 20, 2020North CarolinaCharlotte3317 Magnolia Hill Dr03
1704507June 12, 2020MichiganDetroitPatton St and Grand River Ave01
1663648April 4, 2020ColoradoKerseyUS-34 and Weld County Rd 4900
1624382February 15, 2020IowaIowa Falls1200 block of Ellis Ave00
1605360January 24, 2020IndianaAnderson1500 block of Nichol Ave01
1707628June 16, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3628 S Broadway01
1669268April 29, 2020MissouriSaint Louis5300 block of S Compton Ave01
1628129February 24, 2020MaineAuburn730 Center Street01
1608737January 27, 2020OhioAkron1100 block of 4th Ave00
1712907June 20, 2020MaineTurnerME-400