Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2863222March 26, 2024IllinoisCollinsville500 block of St Louis Rd00100
2933834June 7, 2024IllinoisOak Forest16900 block of Leclaire Ave01000
2933448June 6, 2024IllinoisRockford2600 block of Lawndale Ave00001
2932125June 4, 2024IllinoisMidlothian (Crestwood)Cicero Ave and 132nd St00100
2928522June 2, 2024IllinoisChicago8148 S Champlain Ave00010
2927617June 1, 2024IllinoisChicago3700 block of N Spaulding Ave00000
2927587May 31, 2024IllinoisChicago4700 block of W Wrightwood Ave00030
2920494May 24, 2024IllinoisChicago970 W Pershing Rd00011
2902578May 7, 2024IllinoisChicago8206 S Commercial Ave00010
2890717April 20, 2024IllinoisRockford2200 block of S 6th St01001
2888243April 23, 2024IllinoisChicago8058 S Carpenter St00012
2880331April 15, 2024IllinoisChicago500 block of S Jefferson St00000
2880307April 14, 2024IllinoisChicago2800 block of N Cannon Dr01000
2860417March 23, 2024IllinoisChicago7940 S Wood St02001
2792939January 2, 2024IndianaNew CastleS 18th St and D Ave00100
2862452March 25, 2024IndianaIndianapolis3800 block of Sherman Forest Ln11000
2859586January 12, 2024IndianaIndianapolis5309 W 10th St00010
2846029March 5, 2024IndianaIndianapolis400 block of N Forest Ave00010
2832971February 19, 2024IndianaIndianapolis2621 S Lynhurst Dr15000
2813360January 28, 2024IndianaSalem506 N College Ave00100
2808499January 22, 2024IndianaTerre Haute3200 block of Harrison Ave00100
2804164January 18, 2024IndianaMuncie2000 block of S Burlington Dr00010
2799105January 11, 2024IndianaLafayette2300 block of Drexel Dr10000
2795126January 4, 2024IndianaIndianapolis4800 block of Lakeshore Pl00100
2793021January 2, 2024IndianaIndianapolis3700 block of Marseille Rd00100