Defensive Use

Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 28, 2019AlabamaBirmingham4034 43rd Ave N10
June 13, 2019AlabamaHuntsville4200 Bob Wallace Ave SW00
January 5, 2019AlabamaBessemer (Brighton)3597 Jaybird Rd02
May 10, 2019AlabamaHuntsville1660 Old Monrovia Rd NW01
May 14, 2019AlabamaRainbow City200 block of Friendship Rd00
March 15, 2019AlabamaMobile1100 block of Lucille St01
January 16, 2019AlabamaHuntsville3001 Memorial Pkwy SW21
May 15, 2019AlabamaPrattvilleMcQueen Smith Rd00
March 23, 2019AlabamaMontgomery900 block of Queensbury Dr01
January 27, 2019AlabamaHuntsville2800 block of Cora Hill Ave01
May 28, 2019AlabamaBirmingham (Center Point)400 block of 15th Terrace NW00
April 4, 2019AlabamaMontgomery2800 block of Mallory St01
January 23, 2019AlabamaBirmingham100 Block of Thomas Cir10
June 3, 2019AlabamaBirmingham490 Forestdale Blvd00
April 8, 2019AlabamaBirmingham2700 Temple Crest Dr01
February 7, 2019AlabamaBirmingham (Hoover)1300 Wisteria Pl10
February 11, 2019AlabamaBirmingham18th Pl N01
March 20, 2019AlabamaBirmingham2224 Bessemer Road00
April 9, 2019AlabamaCourtland340 Water St10
February 27, 2019AlabamaTuscaloosa2700 block of Kaulton St10
June 8, 2019AlabamaHuntsville2200 block of La Salle Rd10
May 1, 2019AlabamaTuscaloosa3100 block of 20th St10
February 22, 2019AlabamaSemmesJamaica Rd00
June 11, 2019AlabamaMobile2400 block of 2nd Ave02
May 1, 2019AlabamaBirmingham1705 52nd St10