Defensive Use

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects Arrestedsort ascendingOperations
2828642February 14, 2024MissouriKansas City30 W Pershing Rd122026
2918479May 22, 2024FloridaDeland931 Clark Ave00024
2833648February 16, 2024TexasSan Antonio1006 Holbrook Rd00004
2920734May 25, 2024TexasDenton3200 block of W Windsor Dr01103
2895210April 28, 2024FloridaMiami187 NW 28th St00003
2840266February 28, 2024TexasHouston10240 Bauman Rd10013
2838239February 25, 2024ArkansasMountain HomeE 16th St01013
2820789February 3, 2024TexasCleveland120 Charles Barker Ave02003
2800500January 12, 2024MississippiNatchezGayosa Ave00003
2840688February 28, 2024GeorgiaLithonia100 block of Camellia Ln10012
2792112January 1, 2024KentuckyLexington135 W Main St01012
2801900January 14, 2024OhioMiddletown4877 Eck Rd02002
2865148March 28, 2024FloridaPanama City Beach8407 Thomas Dr01012
2859238March 17, 2024MississippiLibertyMS-56900102
2857086March 19, 2024CaliforniaPleasant Hill313 Twinbridge Cir10102
2844902February 18, 2024GeorgiaMcdonoughTown Centre Village Dr00002
2843003March 1, 2024CaliforniaSan Diego4520 Alvarado Canyon Rd20002
2816991January 23, 2024IllinoisArgentaE Duroc Rd and Cemetery Rd00002
2803737January 17, 2024MissouriKansas City2450 Grand Blvd06002
2810669January 24, 2024LouisianaLafayette100 block of Sunset Dr02022
2837619February 24, 2024PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2400 block of N Broad St01002
2813086January 27, 2024TexasArlington2152 N Collins St01022
2815874January 27, 2024LouisianaPonchatoulaN/A00002
2825074February 9, 2024GeorgiaAlbany2824 Old Dawson Rd10012
2823334February 7, 2024CaliforniaFresnoE Sussex Way and N Clark St00002