Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1297179January 8, 2019WisconsinMadison600 block of North Carroll St00
1400614May 19, 2019WisconsinMilwaukeeN 60th St and W Keefe Ave00
1297866January 10, 2019WisconsinMadisonWaunona Woods Ct00
1488328August 26, 2019WisconsinMilwaukee10000 block of W Appleton Ave01
1439003July 4, 2019WisconsinMadisonIndependence Ln00
1345697March 12, 2019WisconsinMilwaukeeN 65th St and W Congress St10
1492232August 30, 2019WisconsinMilwaukeeBurnham St and Winona Ln10
1358755March 28, 2019WisconsinRacine10th Ave and Harmony Dr00
1457068July 24, 2019WisconsinMilwaukeeS 17th St and W Ohio Ave00
1378305April 21, 2019WisconsinMadison800 block of E Johnson St00
1321341February 4, 2019West VirginiaBluefield (III)Lemay Ln00
1472738August 7, 2019West VirginiaCharleston1700 block of Kemp Ave01
1401174May 12, 2019West VirginiaHuntington1000 block of 9th Ave00
1321496February 7, 2019West VirginiaBluefield (Green Valley)208 Mountaineer Ln01
1481048August 16, 2019West VirginiaBluefieldFranklin St00
1308175January 22, 2019West VirginiaCharleston (Cross Lanes)5300 block of Dalewood Dr01
1437471June 30, 2019West VirginiaMill CreekAdolph Rd01
1327416February 14, 2019West VirginiaCorinneN/A00
1314212January 27, 2019West VirginiaLashmeetGillenwater Ln01
1314216January 24, 2019West VirginiaMontcalmN/A00
1441017July 6, 2019West VirginiaBridgeportCherry St10
1495696September 1, 2019West VirginiaBarrackvilleBryan Ave00
1318852February 2, 2019West VirginiaMartinsburg405 S Raleigh St10
1319239February 4, 2019West VirginiaHillsboroSeneca Trail01
1472461March 9, 2019West VirginiaMartinsburgMargarets Way10