Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1586746January 1, 2020IllinoisCarbondaleN/A10
1591984January 8, 2020MichiganCarleton4600 block of Colf Rd01
1616021February 5, 2020MarylandCarneyDendron Ct00
1590273January 5, 2020North CarolinaCary1000 block of Parkthrough St00
1610123January 30, 2020WashingtonCastle RockToutle Park Rd01
1602126January 14, 2020IowaCedar Rapids3300 block of Rosewood Ct NE00
1602131January 19, 2020IowaCedar Rapids500 block of 15th Street NE00
1602145January 19, 2020IowaCedar Rapids1900 block of Higley Ave SE00
1602150January 20, 2020IowaCedar Rapids2400 block of 25th St SW00
1616483February 6, 2020KentuckyCentertown318 KY-8501
1617622February 9, 2020IllinoisCentralia (Raccoon)Branch Rd and Levee Rd00
1602079January 20, 2020West VirginiaCharlestonRenaissance Cir00
1604290January 23, 2020North CarolinaCharlotte3700 block of Michigan Ave01
1609077January 27, 2020North CarolinaCharlotteOakdale Green Dr00
1624618February 19, 2020PennsylvaniaChester (Upper Chichester)1600 block of Graham Avenue00
1597124January 15, 2020VirginiaChesterfield14900 block of Rowlett Rd10
1625178February 18, 2020ArizonaChino Valley700 block of Havasu Dr00
1587857January 2, 2020OhioCincinnatiDavoran Ave00
1593406January 8, 2020OhioClevelandE 47th St and Cullen Dr00
1597021January 15, 2020OhioClevelandKendall Rd00
1620057February 10, 2020OhioClevelandMadison Avenue00
1622557February 15, 2020PennsylvaniaCollegeville100 block of East 3rd Ave10
1593468January 10, 2020MissouriColumbia105 N Garth Ave01
1615421February 5, 2020MissouriColumbia1400 block of Doris Dr10
1588826January 4, 2020IndianaColumbus2000 block of Home Ave10