Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1314221January 26, 2019FloridaOld TownNE 143rd Ave11
1439134July 3, 2019FloridaOdessa10000 block of Grove Ln10
1416499June 5, 2019FloridaJacksonvilleBeaverbrook Place10
1478930August 14, 2019FloridaTampa9500 block of Red Run Dr00
1323472February 10, 2019FloridaPalmetto17th Ave W10
1439694May 13, 2019FloridaGainesvilleSW 35th Place00
1422875June 15, 2019FloridaJacksonvilleTango Ln S10
1483676August 19, 2019FloridaVolusia (county)N/A00
1327062February 6, 2019FloridaTallahasseeCactus St00
1445267July 10, 2019FloridaSummerfield14999 SE 32nd Ct Rd21
1422882May 22, 2019FloridaOcalaN/A00
1494355August 31, 2019FloridaRoyal Palm Beach900 block of Linda Ct11
1327284February 14, 2019FloridaPensacola2100 block of Spink Ln10
1450006June 16, 2019FloridaBoynton BeachN/A00
1422970June 14, 2019FloridaHudson11600 block of Duda Rd00
1500693July 30, 2019FloridaWest Palm Beach5806 Cartier Rd00
1404573May 25, 2019FloridaNorth Palm Beach (Juno Beach)1800 Block of Juno Rd00
1465038July 31, 2019FloridaPensacolaW Avery St and Kirk St00
1428621June 22, 2019FloridaCocoaDenton Cir01
1515679September 28, 2019FloridaGainesvilleN/A00
1404612May 24, 2019FloridaJacksonville7000 block of N Dover Rd10
1465043July 31, 2019FloridaDunnellonPebble Beach Rd00
1434275May 20, 2019FloridaTallahassee3000 block of S Adams St00
1416085June 6, 2019FloridaOrlando3100 Alafaya Club Dr00
1473795August 7, 2019FloridaLake CityCarpenter Rd00