Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1567970December 7, 2019OhioCleveland6100 block of Haltnorth Walk10
1294495January 7, 2019OhioCleves7700 block of Buffalo Ridge Rd01
1568049December 8, 2019New YorkClifton ParkEnglemore Rd00
1310355January 24, 2019South CarolinaCloverMaple St01
1352941February 16, 2019GeorgiaCobb (county)N/A00
1428621June 22, 2019FloridaCocoaDenton Cir01
1526407October 14, 2019FloridaCocoa1301 Jackson St01
1563961December 4, 2019FloridaCocoaBrophy Blvd10
1547366November 11, 2019MarylandCollege Park7400 block of Dickinson Ave00
1502673September 11, 2019TexasCollege StationW Luther St00
1308721January 22, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs1000 Kelly Johnson Blvd00
1348417March 15, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs1913 S Hancock Ave00
1353844March 24, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs2605 Verde Dr01
1419211June 10, 2019ColoradoColorado Springs3500 block of Indigo Ridge Point00
1350860March 17, 2019MarylandColumbia9600 block of Quarry Bridge Ct00
1352324March 21, 2019MissouriColumbia1500 block of Spiros Dr00
1375419April 16, 2019MarylandColumbia8600 block of Cobblefield Dr00
1416105June 5, 2019South CarolinaColumbiaWild Indigo Court00
1430842June 21, 2019MarylandColumbiaApril Journey Rd00
1521958October 8, 2019MissouriColumbia200 block of Apple Tree Ct00
1546260November 9, 2019MissouriColumbia1100 block of Eastland Cir01
1391623May 9, 2019OhioColumbusCotterrew Dr and Arnbrae Dr10
1394869May 14, 2019OhioColumbus1000 block of E 22nd Ave00
1475572July 19, 2019OhioColumbus2677 Jonathan Pkwy10
1480673August 16, 2019OhioColumbus800 block of Kenwick Rd01