Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1642272March 18, 2020MississippiJackson81 Pickwick Ct10
1699440June 7, 2020MississippiJackson51 Northtown Dr10
1587522January 2, 2020FloridaJacksonvilleN/A00
1597602January 15, 2020FloridaJacksonville7001 Merrill Rd10
1605508January 25, 2020FloridaJacksonvilleW Edgewood Ave and Moncrief Rd00
1610205January 25, 2020FloridaJacksonvilleYellow Bluff Rd and Tisons Bluff Rd00
1630205February 27, 2020FloridaJacksonvilleCaribbean Ct10
1632960February 27, 2020FloridaJacksonvilleN/A00
1651008April 2, 2020FloridaJacksonville3300 block of Hunt St01
1709670June 18, 2020FloridaJacksonville7000 block of Delisle Dr01
1727007July 6, 2020KentuckyJenkins9968 KY-80510
1593125January 8, 2020TennesseeJohnson City110 Wilson Ave00
1677594May 11, 2020PennsylvaniaJohnstownN/A00
1666148April 25, 2020IllinoisJoliet1100 block of Parkwood Dr21
1595010January 11, 2020MissouriJoplin1302 S Missouri Ave00
1619368February 3, 2020MissouriJoplinN/A11
1617692February 9, 2020MichiganKalamazoo1200 block of Alamo Ave01
1603971January 23, 2020MissouriKansas CityE 83rd St and The Paseo10
1652433April 5, 2020MissouriKansas City8000 block of Campbell St10
1654124April 6, 2020MissouriKansas City8500 block of Sni-A-Bar Rd00
1614369February 3, 2020TexasKaty22500 block of Auburn Valley Ln01
1630921February 28, 2020TexasKaty18700 block of Sandleford Dr01
1677318May 8, 2020KentuckyKeavyUpper Indian Camp Rd01
1671605May 1, 2020TexasKerens100 block of S Hwy 30900
1593480January 10, 2020TexasKilleen4200 block of Corrine Dr10