Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1292229January 1, 2019OhioClevelandMayview Ave01
1422187June 14, 2019OhioAkron22 E Exchange St00
1379953April 25, 2019OhioToledo700 block of Euclid Ave01
1483519August 17, 2019OhioClevelandE 119th St and Miles Ave01
1329737February 17, 2019OhioConesville14000 block of OH 1601
1432930June 26, 2019OhioAkron900 block of Rowe St13
1394869May 14, 2019OhioColumbus1000 block of E 22nd Ave00
1488980August 27, 2019OhioAkron600 block of Crosby St00
1331987February 21, 2019OhioCleveland1200 block of E 172nd St01
1448052July 15, 2019OhioJamestown30 block of W Xenia St01
1401656May 17, 2019OhioClevelandW 58th St and Bangor Ave00
1494423August 31, 2019OhioMonroe600 block of S Roessler St02
1361885April 2, 2019OhioDayton2800 block of Dwight Ave01
1448533July 14, 2019OhioWilmington142 Quaker Way01
1410482May 30, 2019OhioCleveland9025 Laisy Ave12
1503644September 10, 2019OhioClevelandE 39th St and Central Ave00
1362344April 2, 2019OhioAkron300 block of Storer Ave00
1448893July 13, 2019OhioToledo700 block of Earl St00
1415318June 6, 2019OhioCincinnati2500 block of Ring Pl01
1505885September 15, 2019OhioLima912 E Franklin St00
1362849April 4, 2019OhioClevelandE 59th St and Ansel Rd01
1454126July 22, 2019OhioCanton2600 block of 2nd St NW10
1415321June 5, 2019OhioCincinnati2800 block of Losantiville Ave00
1372225February 20, 2019OhioClevelandCrestline Ave and Valley Rd00
1472716August 5, 2019OhioWarren1175 Front St SW00