Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1618150February 10, 2020South CarolinaGreenvilleFoxhall Rd01
1647599March 28, 2020OhioHamersville3400 block of Sodom Rd01
1642000March 17, 2020OhioHamilton500 block of Buckeye Street02
1587568January 2, 2020IndianaHammond7300 block of White Oak Ave00
1619334February 9, 2020IndianaHammond6400 block of Tennessee Ave00
1641992March 16, 2020New JerseyHammonton3000 block of Moores Ave10
1595788January 13, 2020DelawareHarbeson22000 block of Danfield Dr00
1641275March 17, 2020PennsylvaniaHarrisburg1819 Park Street10
1603150January 22, 2020North CarolinaHickory16th St NE00
1638562March 12, 2020VermontHinesburgBear Lane00
1609001January 27, 2020South CarolinaHolly HillBass Dr00
1603577January 16, 2020MarylandHollywood24400 block of Morgan Rd00
1586987January 1, 2020TexasHouston5800 block of Flamingo Dr10
1591925January 6, 2020TexasHoustonOakdale St and Chenevert St00
1599353January 17, 2020TexasHouston10000 block of Neuens Rd01
1599631January 17, 2020TexasHouston7510 Burgoyne Rd10
1604217January 22, 2020TexasHouston5331 Beverly Hill St01
1615728February 5, 2020TexasHouston9702 Lockwood Dr11
1615769February 6, 2020TexasHouston1800 block of Capron St01
1617083February 7, 2020TexasHouston6100 block of Airline Dr01
1625006February 3, 2020TexasHouston2700 block of Wilson Rd10
1636362March 8, 2020TexasHouston306 W Mount Houston Rd01
1637123February 20, 2020TexasHouston10000 block of Huntington View Dr00
1638133February 20, 2020TexasHouston1600 block of N City Oaks Ln00
1640310March 14, 2020TexasHouston12700 FM 1960 Rd W10