Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1427287June 20, 2019ConnecticutNew HavenIrvington St and Townsend Ave10
1456114July 20, 2019ConnecticutWaterburyS Leonard St00
1326204February 7, 2019ConnecticutNew HavenLamberton St and Morris St00
1463745July 30, 2019ConnecticutHartford2 Nelton Way00
1389820May 6, 2019ConnecticutBridgeport100 block of Stone Ridge Rd00
1331458February 20, 2019ConnecticutWillimantic422 Windham Rd10
1390330April 23, 2019ConnecticutWatertownFalls Ave and Sunnyside Ave00
1290568January 2, 2019DelawareFelton100 block of Gelden Rd00
1403568May 23, 2019DelawareDover400 block of S Governors Ave01
1343790March 11, 2019DelawareWilmington50 block of W 26th St20
1489021August 15, 2019DelawareFrankfordStar Ln and Peppers Corner Rd00
1293776January 5, 2019DelawareDover200 block of Kentwood Dr10
1345425March 11, 2019DelawareTownsend200 block of Saw Mill Rd00
1496518August 29, 2019DelawareWilmington (Stanton)50 block of Cypress Ave00
1314957January 28, 2019DelawareSeaford400 block of N Pine St00
1346531March 9, 2019DelawareWilmington400 block of W 8th St00
1515074September 4, 2019DelawareDover50 block of Stevenson Dr00
1532981October 22, 2019DelawareHarringtonN West St00
1465267July 4, 2019DelawareDover100 block of Katrina Way01
1389837May 7, 2019DelawareSeaford8700 block of Garden Ln00
1536732October 27, 2019DelawareMilton24000 block of Milton Ellendale Hwy00
1332304February 21, 2019DelawareBear13 S Cedar Creek Ct01
1467469August 2, 2019DelawareDoverRockford Crossing00
1342439February 21, 2019DelawareNew CastleN/A00
1483603August 3, 2019DelawareDelmar37000 block of Marsha St00