Home Invasions

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1300460January 13, 2019TennesseeMadison300 block of Forest Park Dr00
1377389April 21, 2019TennesseeSpringfield7704 Hoods Branch Rd10
1352921March 18, 2019TennesseeBrownsvilleDianne Dr01
1485528August 22, 2019TennesseeCharlestonUpper River Rd NE10
1301280January 11, 2019TennesseeMcminnvilleLind St10
1385456May 2, 2019TennesseeMemphis3100 block of Argot01
1355739March 26, 2019TennesseeChattanooga5008 14th Ave11
1488559July 17, 2019TennesseeOneidaDean Hill Road00
1304537January 17, 2019TennesseeJackson30 Rainbow Cove20
1394431May 8, 2019TennesseeChattanoogaN/A00
1355790March 26, 2019TennesseeNashville5119 Amalie Dr00
1488561July 17, 2019TennesseeMadisonHudson Road00
1324232February 11, 2019TennesseeMemphis1200 block of N McNeil St02
1414109June 1, 2019TennesseeJohnson City1112 Carroll Creek Rd00
1361057March 31, 2019TennesseeMurfreesboro2000 block of Olympia Pike00
1509066September 21, 2019TennesseeChattanooga618 Sylvan Dr01
1337125February 28, 2019TennesseeClarksville800 block of Biglen Rd00
1432377June 25, 2019TennesseeJackson800 block of Westwood Ave01
1372050April 15, 2019TennesseeNashville2400 Buena Vista Pike01
1523049October 7, 2019TennesseeLuray5000 block of Middlefork Rd10
1346171March 7, 2019TennesseeMemphisSpottswood Ave and S Highland St00
1434257June 28, 2019TennesseeMemphis2722 W Barbara Cir03
1374106April 16, 2019TennesseeDresdenPisgah Rd and Concord Rd10
1352902March 22, 2019TennesseeMiddleton700 block of Brints Chapel Ln11
1477770August 12, 2019TennesseeAntiochHickory Hollow Pl00