Mass Shootings in 2023

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2771255December 5, 2023TexasAustin7104 Berkman Dr63001
2513496January 28, 2023TexasAustin12636 Research Blvd23001
2743031October 29, 2023CaliforniaAzusa5400 block of N Banewell Ave04000
2527234February 15, 2023MarylandBaltimore1400 block of E Fayette St04000
2552552March 23, 2023MarylandBaltimore2801 Edmondson Ave15002
2562492April 1, 2023MarylandBaltimore3205 Woodring Ave31001
2722363October 3, 2023MarylandBaltimore1800 Argonne Dr05002
2574455April 17, 2023MarylandBaltimore2000 block of Charles St04000
2647516July 8, 2023MarylandBaltimore900 block of Greenmount Ave22000
2640219July 2, 2023MarylandBaltimore800 block of Gretna Ct227015
2494934January 4, 2023MarylandBaltimore4408 Edmondson Ave14001
2608239May 25, 2023MarylandBaltimore3300 block of Ramona Ave04000
2608802May 26, 2023MarylandBaltimoreW Saratoga St and N Eutaw St05000
2626827June 16, 2023MarylandBaltimoreE Cold Spring Ln and York Rd06000
2731021October 15, 2023South CarolinaBarnwellQuail Rd and Patterson Rd15000
2592407May 5, 2023LouisianaBastropWelch Ave. and Pruitt St22001
2508370January 22, 2023LouisianaBaton Rouge4619 Bennington Ave012003
2584748April 30, 2023MississippiBay Saint Louis1000 block of Old Blue Meadow Rd24001
2634357June 24, 2023TexasBeaumont1600 block of Glasshouse St05000
2622344June 10, 2023WashingtonBenton City2500 block of N Willard Ave15002
2513044January 28, 2023CaliforniaBeverly Hills2799 Ellison Dr32003
2574091April 16, 2023MississippiBiloxi2466 Beach Blvd05001
2585253April 30, 2023AlabamaBirmingham800 block of 48th St N04001
2545871March 14, 2023AlabamaBirmingham8400 block of 8th Ave S40001
2752316November 10, 2023AlabamaBirminghamI-59 and Bush Blvd04000