Mass Shootings in 2019

Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
February 16, 2019MississippiClinton1214 Foxhill Dr50
April 27, 2019MississippiJackson700 block of Monterey St13
August 12, 2019MississippiGreenwood200 Young St04
May 18, 2019MississippiCascilla700 Leverette Ln14
August 23, 2019MissouriSaint Louis1122 Union Blvd13
September 14, 2019MissouriSaint Louis5200 block of Tennessee Ave13
May 27, 2019MissouriSaint Louis5900 block of Goodfellow Blvd22
September 22, 2019MissouriKansas City2111 Television Plaza05
July 2, 2019MissouriSaint Louis (Wellston)6250 Page Ave04
April 9, 2019MissouriKansas City5339 Michigan Ave13
October 1, 2019MissouriSaint LouisLeonor K. Sullivan Blvd and Poplar St04
July 7, 2019MissouriSaint LouisN Tucker Blvd and Convention Plaza05
October 3, 2019MissouriMarshallS Olson Ave13
July 6, 2019MissouriSaint Louis1921 Chambers Rd50
May 4, 2019MissouriSaint LouisUnion Blvd and Northland Ave14
May 10, 2019MissouriSaint Louis4000 block of Ashland Ave06
October 5, 2019MissouriSaint Louis10035 Crown Point Dr05
August 7, 2019MissouriSaint Louis4900 block of Plover Ave31
May 13, 2019MissouriSaint Louis4047 Shreve Ave41
November 10, 2019MissouriKansas City4704 Independence Ave04
December 12, 2019MissouriSaint Louis (Moline Acres)9900 block of Lewis and Clark Blvd13
August 18, 2019MissouriKansas City770 W 47th St04
December 17, 2019MontanaGreat Falls1701 10th Ave S41
March 14, 2019MontanaMissoula5145 Airway Blvd13
May 18, 2019NebraskaOmaha2825 Y St04