Mass Shootings in 2023

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2642527July 4, 2023OhioAkron700 E Exchange St04000
2747153November 4, 2023OhioCleveland (Richmond Heights)500 block of Towne Ln13000
2746785November 3, 2023OhioCincinnatiJones St and Wade St15000
2741490October 27, 2023OhioMansfield810 Ferndale Rd24001
2733136October 18, 2023OhioColumbus200 block of Winner Ave04001
2720910October 1, 2023OhioToledo500 block of Leach St04000
2692290August 27, 2023OhioMansfield137 Blymyer Ave13002
2691769August 27, 2023OhioCleveland11500 block of St Mark Ave04000
2690239August 24, 2023OhioHartville13305 Carnation Ave NW40100
2688888August 23, 2023OhioWarren (Howland)Highlawn Ave SE04100
2679624August 13, 2023OhioCincinnati2300 block of Flora St04000
2648055July 9, 2023OhioClevelandW 6th St and Johnson Ct09002
2644352July 5, 2023OhioCleveland4000 block of E 150th St22000
2548773March 18, 2023OhioColumbus1570 S. High St24000
2635437June 25, 2023OhioCincinnati1233 Clay St04000
2630156June 17, 2023OhioCleveland11921 Miles Ave04000
2625892June 15, 2023OhioNew Richmond1965 Laurel Lindale Rd31001
2625182June 13, 2023OhioCincinnati2300 block of Harrison Ave04000
2614353May 31, 2023OhioCleveland400 block of E 123rd St13000
2613375May 31, 2023OhioCincinnati73 E McMicken Ave04000
2610925May 29, 2023OhioCanal Winchester4855 Pintail Creek Dr07000
2610153May 27, 2023OhioCleveland17426 Harvard Ave04000
2589765May 6, 2023OhioColumbus1400 block of St Clair Ave13100
2589762May 6, 2023OhioColumbus624 N High St09011
2570622April 12, 2023OhioToledo998 Dorr St15000