Mass Shootings in 2016

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
June 28, 2016IllinoisChicago1600 block of South Christiana04
June 30, 2016IllinoisChicago9500 block of South Loomis Street14
July 21, 2016IllinoisChicago4400 block of South Leamington05
July 28, 2016IllinoisChicago800 block of West 50th Place22
August 7, 2016IllinoisChicago100 block of South Springfield04
September 3, 2016IllinoisChicago100 block of North Seeley Avenue04
September 5, 2016IllinoisChicago2700 block of W Lexington Ave23
October 13, 2016IllinoisChicago2700 block of West Lexington04
October 14, 2016IllinoisChicago3300 block of W Maypole Ave16
November 3, 2016IllinoisChicago8000 block of S Shore Dr22
November 5, 2016IllinoisChicago4800 block of North Winthrop05
November 9, 2016IllinoisChicago3400 block of W Monroe13
November 18, 2016IllinoisChicago5000 block of W Wabansia04
November 26, 2016IllinoisChicago8800 block of S Exchange Ave15
December 16, 2016IllinoisChicago4300 block of South Rockwell22
December 16, 2016IllinoisChicago13th and South Kedzie04
December 23, 2016IllinoisChicago4900 block of W Hubbard04
December 25, 2016IllinoisChicago8600 block of S Maryland Ave34
February 7, 2016IllinoisChicago (Englewood)6500 block of South Green Street04
March 31, 2016IllinoisChicago (Englewood)6800 block of South Throop04
April 24, 2016IllinoisChicago (Englewood)2000 block of West 68th Place23
July 4, 2016IllinoisChicago (Englewood)5500 block of South Hermitage Avenue04
August 30, 2016IllinoisChicago (Englewood)6800 block of South Ashland04
October 17, 2016IllinoisChicago (Englewood)6700 block of South Winchester14
December 17, 2016IllinoisChicago (Roseland)100 block of W 105th St50