Mass Shootings in 2019

Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
December 24, 2019IllinoisJoliet1200 block of Cutter Ave05
January 19, 2019IllinoisChicago4400 block of W Madison St04
August 25, 2019IllinoisChicago8200 block of S Maryland Ave13
July 5, 2019IllinoisChicago1600 block of E 67th St05
March 3, 2019IllinoisChicago2900 block of E 79th St06
September 10, 2019IllinoisChicago2200 block of W Maypole Ave04
July 4, 2019IllinoisRockford1100 block of Preston St04
July 7, 2019IllinoisChicago600 block of W 61st Pl04
April 6, 2019IllinoisChicago6300 block of S Seeley Ave06
September 18, 2019IllinoisChicago4200 block of W Madison St31
July 7, 2019IllinoisChicago5600 block of S Paulina St04
April 12, 2019IllinoisCarbondale119 N Washington St04
September 24, 2019IllinoisChicago2000 block of South Hoyne Ave13
July 20, 2019IllinoisChicago2401 N Lake Shore Dr07
May 30, 2019IllinoisRobbins14000 block of Grace Ave05
October 12, 2019IllinoisChicago6733 W Irving Park Rd50
July 21, 2019IllinoisChicago3900 block of Roosevelt Rd04
June 1, 2019IllinoisChicago300 block of East Chicago Ave04
December 1, 2019IllinoisAurora700 block of S 5th St14
December 22, 2019IllinoisChicago5700 block of S May St013
July 28, 2019IllinoisChicago3938 W Roosevelt Rd04
June 21, 2019IllinoisChicago6300 block of S King Dr04
December 29, 2019IllinoisDanville1803 block of Westview Ave05
August 4, 2019IllinoisChicago2900 block of W Roosevelt Rd07
July 4, 2019IllinoisChicago800 block of N Homan Ave13