Murder/Suicides in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2915545May 19, 2024KentuckyLouisville100 block of Trafalgar Square10100
2892702April 27, 2024KentuckyLouisville1700 block of W Ormsby Ave20100
2843103March 1, 2024KansasOlathe1700 block of S Kiowa Dr10100
2831037February 15, 2024KansasTopeka2200 block of SW Wilmington Ct10100
2794194January 4, 2024IowaPerry1200 18th St25100
2836302February 23, 2024IowaDes Moines5153 NE 17th St10100
2829708February 15, 2024IowaMoorland403 1st St10100
2813745January 28, 2024IowaFort Dodge2101 140th St20100
2815871January 29, 2024IndianaHammond500 block of Michigan St10100
2932371June 3, 2024IndianaNew Haven900 block of Canal Pl Cir10100
2918267May 22, 2024IndianaGoshen104 Huron St10100
2915462May 20, 2024IndianaRichmond50 block of Farlow Rd10100
2869321April 1, 2024IndianaCrown Point1320 Glenn Dr10100
2830962February 15, 2024IndianaRichmond830 S 6th St10100
2802266January 14, 2024IllinoisNew Lenox23000 block of S Spencer Rd10100
2854959March 15, 2024IllinoisNokomis415 N Spruce St10100
2808531January 21, 2024IllinoisJoliet200 block of Davis St81101
2877648April 11, 2024IllinoisWheeling333 12th St10100
2883821April 18, 2024IllinoisLemont12241 Archer Ave10100
2892325April 26, 2024IllinoisVilla Park238 E Monroe St10100
2798495January 9, 2024IllinoisDowners Grove6400 block of Fairview Ave10100
2896597May 1, 2024IllinoisVernon Hills427 Cherry Valley Rd10100
2811401January 24, 2024IllinoisRockford2900 block of Searles Ave10100
2793438January 2, 2024IllinoisCicero1833 48th Ct21100
2812129January 24, 2024IllinoisMoline3321 25th Ave20100