Murder/Suicides in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2824365February 2, 2024WyomingRock Springs1306 Liberty Dr10100
2793821January 1, 2024WisconsinSheboygan500 block of Euclid Ave20000
2834151February 19, 2024WisconsinElbaN4269 Oak Grove Dr10100
2833505February 18, 2024WisconsinMiddleton6300 block of Maywood Ave21100
2815088January 27, 2024WisconsinPhillips (Elk)S Minnow Lake Rd10100
2885582April 20, 2024West VirginiaWeirton249 Miami Ave21100
2859086March 21, 2024West VirginiaHuntington2767 N Staunton Rd21100
2845591March 4, 2024West VirginiaChapmanville4591 Garretts Fork Rd10100
2850565March 10, 2024West VirginiaIreland4776 Glady Creek Rd20001
2887847April 22, 2024WashingtonWest Richland2820 S Highlands Blvd20100
2870185April 2, 2024WashingtonPuyallup13507 99th Ave E10100
2822011January 31, 2024WashingtonNorth Bend964 Stone Brook Dr SW10100
2827871February 10, 2024WashingtonLakewood8022 83rd Ave SW10100
2817046January 31, 2024VirginiaVinton2800 block of Laurel Glen Rd10100
2794737January 3, 2024VirginiaWilliamsburg123 Cutspring Arch10100
2802207January 14, 2024VirginiaTriangle18319 Cabin Rd10100
2845722March 5, 2024VirginiaArlington520 12th St S10100
2906104May 9, 2024VermontSouth Hero11 Kibbe Farm Rd10100
2844129March 3, 2024UtahSalt Lake City1678 S Pioneer Rd10100
2791848January 1, 2024TexasOrange2406 N 8th St30100
2799645January 11, 2024TexasTexas City4000 block of Dike Rd10100
2818257January 30, 2024TexasTerrell300 block of Heather Ln Cir10100
2800844January 13, 2024TexasRichmond17006 Cory Cornel Ln40100
2811332January 24, 2024TexasKingsland2900 block of Marsh Ln10100
2804159January 17, 2024TexasAmarillo4101 Line Ave10100