Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1635742March 7, 2020MarylandBaltimore2300 block of Tioga Pkwy10
1637219March 10, 2020MarylandBaltimore3100 block of Liberty Heights Ave10
1639550March 13, 2020MarylandBaltimore700 block of N Rose St10
1639951March 15, 2020MarylandBaltimore1300 block of Woodington Rd10
1640021March 15, 2020MarylandBaltimore800 block of Herndon Ct10
1640482March 16, 2020MarylandBaltimore600 block of McCabe Ave10
1640663March 16, 2020MarylandBaltimore400 block of S Lehigh St10
1641163March 17, 2020MarylandBaltimore4900 block of Reisterstown Rd10
1644361March 23, 2020MarylandBaltimore3900 block of Ridgewood Ave10
1645519March 25, 2020MarylandBaltimore3000 block of Oakley Ave20
1647461March 27, 2020MarylandBaltimore1800 block of E Oliver St10
1647468March 27, 2020MarylandBaltimore3600 block of 5th St10
1647661March 28, 2020MarylandBaltimore1100 block of Washington Blvd13
1648180March 29, 2020MarylandBaltimore800 block of N Linwood Ave10
1648236March 30, 2020MarylandBaltimore2400 block of Tolley St10
1648901March 30, 2020MarylandBaltimore1800 block of N Chester St11
1650175April 1, 2020MarylandBaltimore2700 block of Greenmount Ave10
1650374April 1, 2020MarylandBaltimore4700 block of Yellowwood Ave10
1650777April 2, 2020MarylandBaltimore4300 block of Reisterstown Rd10
1651957April 4, 2020MarylandBaltimore1100 block of S Charles St10
1652905April 6, 2020MarylandBaltimore400 block of N Montford Ave10
1653808April 7, 2020MarylandBaltimore1600 block of Delano Ct10
1595556January 10, 2020CaliforniaBanning4th St and Wilson St10
1607536January 27, 2020South CarolinaBarnwell300 block of Litchfield St10
1647241March 27, 2020South CarolinaBarnwell128 Wiley Rd10