Number of Deaths in 2019

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1551359November 16, 2019VirginiaAmherstCanodys Store Rd11001
1353664March 23, 2019LouisianaAmite (Amite City)1400 block of Opal Bennett Rd00200
1308100January 22, 2019New YorkAmityvilleS Park Pl and Albany Ave10001
1298670January 11, 2019MississippiAmoryReeves Dr00100
1434912June 19, 2019New YorkAmsterdamLefferts St10001
1570961December 12, 2019CaliforniaAnaheimLincoln Ave and East St00100
1440441July 5, 2019CaliforniaAnaheimCA 9100100
1396338May 14, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim8400 block of Augusta Dr10002
1363371April 4, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim500 block of N Harcourt St00100
1339610March 3, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim1800 block of Dogwood Ave10000
1338639March 2, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim912 E Broadway Ave10001
1310204January 23, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim400 block of S Kroeger St10000
1309282January 22, 2019CaliforniaAnaheimE Park Lane and N Lawrence Ave10000
1341870March 7, 2019AlaskaAnchorageE 16th Ave and Columbine St00100
1359623March 31, 2019AlaskaAnchorage300 block of Oklahoma St11004
1361924April 1, 2019AlaskaAnchorage16th Ave and A St00100
1335130February 16, 2019AlaskaAnchorage3000 block of Wendy Way10000
1368348April 8, 2019AlaskaAnchorage5400 block of Taku Dri10000
1387495April 28, 2019AlaskaAnchorage1000 block of E 20th Ave10000
1328632February 16, 2019AlaskaAnchorage4610 Spenard Rd10001
1413672June 2, 2019AlaskaAnchorageC St and W 20th Ave11001
1321240February 4, 2019AlaskaAnchorage200 block of E 12th Ave10001
1319447February 3, 2019AlaskaAnchorage5901 E 6th Ave10100
1449756June 8, 2019AlaskaAnchorage1100 block of E 66th Ave10100
1485358August 22, 2019AlaskaAnchorageAtkinson Dr01100