Number of Deaths in 2022

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2356564July 11, 2022AlabamaBirminghamHeflin Rd and Pratt Hwy10001
2367927July 23, 2022AlabamaBirminghamI-59/20 and Bush Blvd10000
2366961July 19, 2022AlabamaTroy900 block of Academy St00100
2365479July 20, 2022AlabamaMobileGovernment St and Warren St10001
2364396July 19, 2022AlabamaHuntsvilleWestcorp Dr and 15th Ave SW10001
2363376July 17, 2022AlabamaTuskegee2900 block of Foster St10001
2361589July 16, 2022AlabamaEufaulaDr T V McCoo Blvd N11000
2361352July 16, 2022AlabamaBirmingham200 block of 52nd St10001
2360995July 16, 2022AlabamaBirmingham1609 7th St N10000
2359955July 14, 2022AlabamaDothanMorgan St and Westmead St10004
2359857July 14, 2022AlabamaMontgomery4200 block of Strathmore Dr10001
2358289July 10, 2022AlabamaMontgomery3000 block of Rosa L. Parks Ave10000
2358283July 12, 2022AlabamaMontgomeryAtlanta Hwy and Perry Hill Rd11001
2348159July 3, 2022AlabamaMontgomery6100 block of Boardwalk Blvd10000
2356147July 10, 2022AlabamaMontgomery3300 block of Fountain Ln10000
2356143July 9, 2022AlabamaBirmingham1002 22nd Ave W10000
2355631July 10, 2022AlabamaAbbevilleCounty Rd 57 S10001
2355371July 8, 2022AlabamaMontgomery4400 block of Troy Hwy11000
2355363July 8, 2022AlabamaBirminghamCenter St S and 4th Ave S10000
2354739July 8, 2022AlabamaMontgomery600 block of N Pass Rd11002
2353686July 7, 2022AlabamaWebbKnowles Dr and Wallace Buie Rd10001
2350660July 3, 2022AlabamaMount VernonSingleton Rd00100
2349621July 4, 2022AlabamaMobile (Prichard)500 block of W Main St10001
2349604July 4, 2022AlabamaMontgomery3300 block of Harris St10002
2349568July 3, 2022AlabamaBirmingham824 3rd Ave N10001