Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1594108January 9, 2020ArizonaTucson3100 block of N Castro Ave10
1651360April 3, 2020ArizonaGilbert455 S Recker Rd10
1624406February 18, 2020ArizonaPhoenixW Fairmont Ave10
1703794May 27, 2020ArizonaGilbert511 W Guadalupe Rd10
1597874January 16, 2020ArizonaPhoenixN 26th St and E Shea Blvd10
1653888April 7, 2020ArizonaPhoenixN 36th St and E McDowell Rd20
1626270February 9, 2020ArizonaPhoenix10919 S Central Ave10
1705040June 10, 2020ArizonaKingmanNorrie Dr10
1598985January 16, 2020ArizonaPhoenix83rd Ave and W McDowell Rd10
1657392April 11, 2020ArizonaPhoenix19th Ave and Buckeye Rd10
1633368March 3, 2020ArizonaPhoenix7611 W Thomas Rd10
1716051June 23, 2020ArizonaTucsonN/A10
1599581January 17, 2020ArizonaPhoenix24th St and E Hazelwood St10
1663926April 21, 2020ArizonaYuma1600 W 12th St11
1642089March 14, 2020ArizonaGreenlee (county)US-19110
1720414June 28, 2020ArizonaTucson5001 S Nogales Hwy10
1605119January 24, 2020ArizonaGlendale6817 N 63rd Ave21
1671861May 3, 2020ArizonaPhoenixN 43rd Ave and W Northern Ave10
1645177March 22, 2020ArizonaTucson3001 E Fort Lowell Rd10
1723419July 3, 2020ArizonaScottsdale8140 E Indian School Rd21
1616914February 8, 2020ArizonaPhoenix15015 N Cave Creek Rd10
1675519May 8, 2020ArizonaTempe951 E Playa Del Norte Dr10
1646574March 23, 2020ArizonaTucson3500 block of E Water St10
1617234February 7, 2020ArizonaTucsonCraycroft Rd and 29th St10
1703452May 21, 2020ArizonaWinslow100 block of West 3rd St10