Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddresssort descending# Killed# InjuredOperations
1664421April 22, 2020CaliforniaPomona1000 block of E Mission Blvd10
1644524March 23, 2020TexasEdinburg1000 block of Esperanza St10
1625763February 20, 2020MarylandHyattsville (Chillum)1000 block of Fairview Ave10
1587710January 1, 2020VirginiaWarsaw1000 block of Finchs Hill Rd10
1646156March 26, 2020VirginiaNorfolk1000 block of Fishermans Rd10
1602460January 19, 2020IllinoisDanville1000 block of Franklin St10
1672801April 28, 2020FloridaMelbourne1000 block of Garfield St10
1711113June 19, 2020CaliforniaVallejo1000 block of Gateway Dr10
1699147June 6, 2020North CarolinaFayetteville1000 block of Henderson Ave10
1590064January 6, 2020AlabamaMobile1000 block of Hercules St10
1645873March 26, 2020IllinoisRockford1000 block of Hess Ct10
1650029March 16, 2020IllinoisRockford1000 block of Hess Ct10
1672952May 4, 2020CaliforniaLos Altos1000 block of Highlands Cir10
1654339April 3, 2020NebraskaGothenburg1000 block of Jefferson St10
1703089June 9, 2020MissouriSaint Louis1000 block of Keelen Dr10
1653873April 6, 2020OhioWarren1000 block of Kenmore Ave10
1623353February 16, 2020VirginiaWaynesboro1000 block of Kiddsville Rd10
1609915January 30, 2020CaliforniaSan Jose1000 block of Leigh Ave10
1664345April 22, 2020South CarolinaSumter1000 block of Lewis Rd10
1680633May 15, 2020TexasFort Worth1000 block of Lomo St10
1666360April 24, 2020CaliforniaRodeo1000 block of Mariposa Ave10
1647083March 27, 2020CaliforniaMoreno Valley1000 block of McCully Court11
1706360April 21, 2020North CarolinaColumbus County (county)1000 block of Miller Road10
1697006June 4, 2020IllinoisChicago1000 block of N Avers Ave10
1629737February 26, 2020IllinoisChicago1000 block of N Central Ave11