Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1647113March 27, 2020OklahomaTulsaE 54th St N and N Peoria Ave10
1650278April 1, 2020OklahomaTulsa7339 E 49th St20
1653931April 7, 2020OklahomaTulsa9900 block of S Sandusky Ave20
1659044April 14, 2020OklahomaTulsa1818 W 81st St11
1663722April 21, 2020OklahomaTulsaN Wheeling Ave and E Virgin St10
1664194April 22, 2020OklahomaTulsa8201 E Skelly Dr11
1665517April 24, 2020OklahomaTulsa5900 block of N Garrison Pl10
1671628May 3, 2020OklahomaTulsa10156 E Admiral Pl11
1676818May 10, 2020OklahomaTulsaS 49th W Ave and Charles Page Blvd10
1683739May 19, 2020OklahomaTulsa5100 block of N Frankfort Ave10
1691336May 28, 2020OklahomaTulsaN Lewis Ave and E Pine St10
1693848May 22, 2020OklahomaTulsa3414 S 79th E Ave10
1634128March 4, 2020CaliforniaTulare111 W Tulare Ave15
1658721February 4, 2020CaliforniaTulare (county)N/A10
1591854January 5, 2020ArizonaTucson3100 block of E Edward Ave10
1594108January 9, 2020ArizonaTucson3100 block of N Castro Ave10
1595126January 12, 2020ArizonaTucson7300 N Mona Lisa Rd12
1608054January 28, 2020ArizonaTucson6225 W Ajo Way10
1617234February 7, 2020ArizonaTucsonCraycroft Rd and 29th St10
1629242February 26, 2020ArizonaTucson6280 S Campbell Ave12
1635773March 6, 2020ArizonaTucson7730 E Broadway Blvd10
1645177March 22, 2020ArizonaTucson3001 E Fort Lowell Rd10
1646574March 23, 2020ArizonaTucson3500 block of E Water St10
1654274April 7, 2020ArizonaTucson8140 S Houghton Rd11
1673111May 5, 2020ArizonaTucson800 block of W Roger Rd10