Number of Deaths in 2022

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2311114May 23, 2022OhioAkron1007 Cole Ave10000
2369198July 23, 2022OhioAkron250 Wildwood Ave10001
2369196July 25, 2022OhioAkron2260 Maryland Ave10001
2365163July 19, 2022OhioAkron1100 block of Tarson Terrace10000
2363199July 17, 2022OhioAkron927 Copley Rd10002
2354834July 8, 2022OhioAkron780 Princeton St20000
2353009July 6, 2022OhioAkron2200 block of 6th St SW10000
2351169July 5, 2022OhioAkron1630 Summit Lake Blvd10000
2341253June 27, 2022OhioAkronS Main St and W Wilbeth Rd00100
2341220June 25, 2022OhioAkron1210 Independence Ave11000
2336252June 19, 2022OhioAkron631 N Howard St10000
2318800June 1, 2022OhioAkron800 block of Wall St12000
2311246May 24, 2022OhioAkron1006 Biruta St10001
2223577January 29, 2022OhioAkron2100 block of 12th St SW10002
2306338May 17, 2022OhioAkron937 East Ave10000
2301309May 12, 2022OhioAkron854 McKinley Ave10000
2296362May 7, 2022OhioAkron1116 Peerless Ave10000
2280890April 16, 2022OhioAkron300 block of Storer Ave10000
2279490April 14, 2022OhioAkron1492 Rockaway St11006
2273644April 7, 2022OhioAkron672 Koerber Ave10001
2269994April 2, 2022OhioAkron593 Lafollette St10001
2262573March 24, 2022OhioAkronDayton Pl and Dayton St10000
2239829February 22, 2022OhioAkron507 Ritchie Ave10100
2232253February 10, 2022OhioAkron1084 Yukon Ave11001
2224113January 31, 2022OhioAkron2370 Edwin St10100