Number of Deaths in 2019

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 4, 2019TexasAmarilloS Polk St and E 37th Ave10
January 9, 2019TexasAmarillo6707 Bengal Ct21
February 13, 2019TexasAmarillo3900 SW 58th Ave10
February 24, 2019TexasAmarillo5600 E Amarillo Blvd10
March 17, 2019TexasAmarillo800 block of S Florida St11
April 1, 2019TexasAmarillo900 S Lakeside Dr10
May 20, 2019TexasAmarillo6200 block of Estacado Ln20
February 3, 2019GeorgiaAmericus900 block of Parker St10
February 8, 2019GeorgiaAmericusStarlight Cir10
March 13, 2019MassachusettsAmherst83 Mill Ln10
March 23, 2019LouisianaAmite (Amite City)1400 block of Opal Bennett Rd20
January 22, 2019New YorkAmityvilleS Park Pl and Albany Ave10
January 11, 2019MississippiAmoryReeves Dr10
January 22, 2019CaliforniaAnaheimE Park Lane and N Lawrence Ave10
January 23, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim400 block of S Kroeger St10
March 2, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim912 E Broadway Ave10
March 3, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim1800 block of Dogwood Ave10
April 4, 2019CaliforniaAnaheim500 block of N Harcourt St10
May 15, 2019CaliforniaAnaheimDale St10
February 3, 2019AlaskaAnchorage5901 E 6th Ave20
February 4, 2019AlaskaAnchorage1100 block of Fairview St10
February 4, 2019AlaskaAnchorage200 block of E 12th Ave10
February 16, 2019AlaskaAnchorage4610 Spenard Rd10
February 16, 2019AlaskaAnchorage3000 block of Wendy Way10
March 7, 2019AlaskaAnchorageE 16th Ave and Columbine St10