Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2914203May 19, 2024New MexicoAlbuquerqueOrtiz Dr SE and Zuni Rd SE10000
2913538May 18, 2024New MexicoAlbuquerque6800 block of Central Ave NE10000
2867458March 31, 2024LouisianaAlexandria4100 block of Pisciotta St10002
2867443March 31, 2024LouisianaAlexandria1800 block of Hill St10001
2856010March 17, 2024LouisianaAlexandria800 block of Ola St10000
2840171February 28, 2024LouisianaAlexandria1305 Enterprise Rd10001
2821915February 5, 2024LouisianaAlexandria4900 block of Victoria Dr11000
2837430February 24, 2024LouisianaAlexandria2000 block of Levin St10000
2864562March 28, 2024PennsylvaniaAllentown939 E Hamilton St10000
2832719February 17, 2024PennsylvaniaAllentownE Walnut St and S Dauphin St10000
2814906January 29, 2024CaliforniaAlpaugh5439 Ellis Rd10001
2821765February 6, 2024FloridaAltamonte SpringsN/A00100
2795550January 2, 2024IllinoisAlton2300 block of Lincoln Ave10001
2820105February 3, 2024IllinoisAlton900 block of Highland Ave10003
2793407January 1, 2024IllinoisAlton2 Woodview Ct10001
2837009February 22, 2024OklahomaAltus900 block of E Liveoak St00100
2803945January 17, 2024TexasAlvin700 block of Steele Rd21003
2828665February 13, 2024TexasAmarillo3000 block of Mays Ave02100
2826099February 11, 2024TexasAmarillo1705 S Highland St00100
2819187February 3, 2024TexasAmarillo4000 block of S Ong St10001
2861815March 24, 2024TexasAmarillo2700 block of Ries Ln00100
2816843February 1, 2024TexasAmarillo3600 block of Fleetwood Dr00100
2811238January 24, 2024TexasAmarillo800 block of N Highland St11002
2804159January 17, 2024TexasAmarillo4101 Line Ave10100
2897324May 1, 2024TexasAmarillo700 block of E Bonita Ave00100