Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1608619January 29, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueKathryn Ave SE and Arizona St SE10
1620564February 13, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque1800 block of Hoffman NE10
1627068February 21, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque5300 Sequoia Rd NW10
1627284February 22, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueLouisiana Blvd SE and Kathryn Ave SE10
1628485February 22, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque1217 1st St NW10
1632098March 1, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque10615 Vista Bella Pl NW10
1632100March 1, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque10000 block of 2nd St NW10
1639542March 14, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque620 block of Arno SE13
1641398March 17, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque1401 Yale Blvd SE10
1642115March 18, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueLouisiana Blvd NE10
1642768March 19, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque300 Rhode Island St NE10
1648384March 30, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque900 block of Edith Blvd SE10
1651467April 2, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque1500 Gold Ave SE10
1658264April 13, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque9300 block of Volcano Rd NW10
1664071April 22, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueCentral Ave SW and Unser Blvd11
1671069May 2, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque400 block of General Somerville St NE10
1680533May 15, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque2600 Graceland Dr NE10
1681389May 16, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque5600 Gibson Blvd SE20
1698751June 6, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque7111 Acton Ct NW10
1715003June 23, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueCromwell Ave SW and Barelas Rd SW10
1715582June 24, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueCoors Blvd SW and Gun Club Blvd SW10
1717367June 25, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque1200 Ortiz Dr SE10
1718942June 27, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerquePennsylvania St SE and Zuni Rd SE10
1719092June 24, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueCarlisle Blvd NE and Menaul Blvd NE10
1719755June 29, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerque10000 block of Tomatillo Ln SE10