Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2911499May 14, 2024TexasAmarillo1550 Bell St10002
2857179March 18, 2024CaliforniaAmerican Canyon200 block of Tapestry Ln10000
2831342February 14, 2024GeorgiaAmericus700 block of Davenport St11001
2810881January 24, 2024CaliforniaAnaheim200 block of E Wakefield Ave10000
2891137April 25, 2024CaliforniaAnaheim891 State College Blvd10100
2883880April 17, 2024CaliforniaAnaheim2800 block of W Ball Rd10001
2820993February 4, 2024AlaskaAnchorage200 block of North Park St10001
2825710February 10, 2024AlaskaAnchorage7300 block of Huntsmen Cir10001
2908712May 13, 2024AlaskaAnchorage7100 block of Bearfoot Dr00100
2908710May 13, 2024AlaskaAnchorage500 block of E 15th Ave10000
2892700April 27, 2024AlaskaAnchorage3700 block of Lois Dr10001
2856624March 17, 2024AlaskaAnchorage3401 E Tudor Road10001
2865180March 28, 2024AlaskaAnchorage2800 block of W 31st Ave10000
2859806March 20, 2024AlaskaAnchorage245 W 5th Ave10000
2820748February 5, 2024South CarolinaAndersonE Shockley Ferry Rd10001
2859657March 21, 2024South CarolinaAndersonTribble St10000
2810831January 24, 2024IndianaAnderson2000 block of Pearl St10002
2828953February 13, 2024MissouriAndersonPleasant Grove Rd10100
2819316February 3, 2024South CarolinaAnderson301 E St10001
2883651April 17, 2024South CarolinaAndrews101 N Beech Ave00101
2834361January 31, 2024North CarolinaAndrews90 Dan Holland Rd10001
2858158March 17, 2024North CarolinaAngier249 Sundowner Ln12001
2826715February 12, 2024TexasAngleton908 S Velasco St20001
2854002March 15, 2024VirginiaAnnandale3200 block of Woodburn Rd10001
2867610March 28, 2024MarylandAnnapolis900 block of Spa Rd10003