Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1586156January 1, 2020AlabamaBrentScottsville Rd and Martin Luther King Dr10
1649447March 31, 2020AlabamaBirmingham (Ensley)1100 block of 16th St10
1619698February 11, 2020AlabamaMontgomery700 block of Sandra St10
1685060May 20, 2020AlabamaAtmorePeachtree St and Ave B10
1592277January 9, 2020AlabamaHuntsville2500 Lakefront Dr10
1666877April 24, 2020AlabamaBirmingham9245 Parkway E10
1620375February 12, 2020AlabamaDothan800 block of Williams Ave10
1686731May 22, 2020AlabamaMontgomeryN/A10
1593483January 10, 2020AlabamaBirmingham5009 First Ave N10
1668656April 28, 2020AlabamaPhenix City10th Ave S and Fontaine Rd10
1626551January 30, 2020AlabamaBirmingham2726 Pearson Ave SW10
1697188June 4, 2020AlabamaMontgomeryMadison Ave and N Panama St10
1597527January 15, 2020AlabamaBirmingham4218 5th Ave S10
1668973April 29, 2020AlabamaBirmingham2349 8th St NW10
1636458March 8, 2020AlabamaMontgomeryGreen Brook Dr20
1698225June 4, 2020AlabamaBirmingham800 block of 6th St SW10
1604329January 23, 2020AlabamaMontgomery2300 block of Stella St10
1675536May 8, 2020AlabamaDalevilleUS-84 E10
1638744March 12, 2020AlabamaBirmingham7700 block of 1st Ave S10
1722234July 1, 2020AlabamaBirmingham1600 block of Maple Ave10
1610077January 30, 2020AlabamaMontgomery1800 block of Hilldale Dr10
1677047May 10, 2020AlabamaMobileSpringhill Ave10
1639831March 14, 2020AlabamaBay Minette303 US-3110
1614513February 4, 2020AlabamaKimberlyI-6510
1680797May 15, 2020AlabamaCodenRock Rd20