Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2874025April 8, 2024MinnesotaAnoka (Ramsey)17955 Roanoke St NW20100
2820680February 4, 2024ConnecticutAnsonia200 block of Division St00100
2829747February 15, 2024TennesseeAntioch2910 Old Franklin Road10002
2894050April 28, 2024TennesseeAntioch299 Tusculum Rd10000
2878421April 12, 2024TennesseeAntioch3300 Murfreesboro Pike11000
2863762March 27, 2024CaliforniaAntioch600 block of E 18th St10001
2849453March 10, 2024TennesseeAntioch300 Bakertown Rd03100
2837227February 24, 2024CaliforniaAntioch2000 block of Tupelo Way10000
2809968January 23, 2024CaliforniaAntioch50 block of Bryan Ave11002
2799231January 10, 2024CaliforniaAntioch900 block of Fitzuren Rd10000
2810636January 24, 2024TennesseeAntioch800 block of Aeolia Dr10000
2861901March 25, 2024North CarolinaApex1581 Beaver Creek Commons Dr10001
2802214January 15, 2024North CarolinaApex1414 Chipping Dr20001
2832485February 17, 2024FloridaApopka2500 block of Banks Vw Cir10000
2815701January 30, 2024CaliforniaApple Valley20843 Waalew Rd11000
2850285March 9, 2024CaliforniaApple Valley13494 Iroquois Rd00100
2809589January 23, 2024WisconsinAppleton336 W Wisconsin Ave00100
2878805April 12, 2024WisconsinAppleton (Grand Chute)2820 W Prospect Ave00100
2885645April 20, 2024TexasAransas Pass500 block of W Yoakum Ave10001
2797072January 7, 2024FloridaArcadia1335 SW Martin Luther King Jr St10001
2848418March 6, 2024FloridaArcadiaS Alabama Ave and Court St11001
2805142January 15, 2024FloridaArcadiaW Gibson St10001
2820115February 4, 2024OklahomaArdmore6000 block of Paschall Rd10001
2823607February 8, 2024TexasArlingtonI-20 and Green Oaks Blvd00100
2811515January 25, 2024TexasArlington3532 Chatham Green Ln30001