Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1586156January 1, 2020AlabamaBrentScottsville Rd and Martin Luther King Dr10
1669642April 29, 2020AlabamaMontgomery1700 block of Jackson Ferry Rd10
1614513February 4, 2020AlabamaKimberlyI-6510
1698227June 4, 2020AlabamaBessemer1600 block of 25th St13
1592277January 9, 2020AlabamaHuntsville2500 Lakefront Dr10
1671978May 3, 2020AlabamaHarvestGibbon Dr10
1615974February 6, 2020AlabamaBirminghamDogwood Ln11
1698779June 6, 2020AlabamaBirmingham6800 block of 1st Ave N10
1593483January 10, 2020AlabamaBirmingham5009 First Ave N10
1673245May 3, 2020AlabamaBessemer6th Ave N10
1618230February 10, 2020AlabamaAlbertvilleLazy Creek Cir10
1699106June 6, 2020AlabamaOpelikaMonroe Ave and Talladega St10
1594635January 12, 2020AlabamaDecatur3200 block of Modaus Rd10
1677059May 9, 2020AlabamaMobile7200 block of 3rd St10
1638266March 10, 2020AlabamaBirmingham130 71st St N10
1723897July 3, 2020AlabamaBirmingham (Hoover)2000 Riverchase Galleria13
1597527January 15, 2020AlabamaBirmingham4218 5th Ave S10
1682808May 15, 2020AlabamaSelma2800 block of Bragg St10
1642313March 19, 2020AlabamaMontgomery2200 block of Woodley Square W10
1729502July 7, 2020AlabamaBirmingham5300 block of Ct Q10
1608815January 28, 2020AlabamaPhenix City600 block of Lee Rd 30711
1687471May 24, 2020AlabamaBirmingham2800 Bessemer Rd10
1662070April 18, 2020AlabamaTuskegee500 block of Pleasant Springs Dr10
1610077January 30, 2020AlabamaMontgomery1800 block of Hilldale Dr10
1695678June 1, 2020AlabamaFairfield200 block of 51st St10