Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2892845April 27, 2024AlabamaBirmingham (Center Point)1600 block of 5th St NW10000
2898496May 2, 2024AlabamaMobile4800 block of Dan Williams Rd10001
2897267May 2, 2024AlabamaTuscaloosaI-359 and 15th St10001
2896783May 1, 2024AlabamaKellytonCo Rd 9310000
2896369April 27, 2024AlabamaBirmingham (Center Point)1500 block of Charter East Cir10000
2896349April 30, 2024AlabamaBirmingham1500 block of Cedargate Cir10001
2896327May 1, 2024AlabamaHuntsville12000 block of Mount Charron Dr20001
2893404April 28, 2024AlabamaBremenCold Springs Rd10000
2893365April 28, 2024AlabamaMobile (Prichard)W Main St and S Bessemer Ave10000
2893360April 28, 2024AlabamaMobile (Prichard)1000 block of W Main St10000
2893356April 27, 2024AlabamaMobile (Prichard)200 block of Telegraph Rd11002
2893351April 28, 2024AlabamaBirminghamAve I and 18th St Ensley10001
2893348April 28, 2024AlabamaHuntsville196 Jeff Rd NW10001
2880822April 13, 2024AlabamaMontgomery3600 block of Gas Light Curve10000
2892161April 27, 2024AlabamaLanett2001 Country Club Rd10000
2890736April 25, 2024AlabamaKnoxvilleI-20 and AL-1100100
2888867April 23, 2024AlabamaMobile1600 block of Prairie Ave11002
2888544April 22, 2024AlabamaButler County (county)N/A10001
2887925April 23, 2024AlabamaDaleville100 block of Woodland Dr10001
2887158April 22, 2024AlabamaBirminghamSixth Ave S and Eighth St S00100
2886370April 21, 2024AlabamaBirmingham10 block of Holt Ave10000
2884196April 18, 2024AlabamaBirmingham900 block of 58th St Ensley00100
2883513April 16, 2024AlabamaHuntsville3100 block of Hillandale Rd10001
2881978April 16, 2024AlabamaMobile6075 Grelot Rd00101
2881282April 15, 2024AlabamaBirminghamCenter St and Graymont Ave W10000