Number of Deaths in 2022

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2272840April 6, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueEubank Blvd NE and Spain Rd NE00100
2299307May 11, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque800 block of Cardenas Dr10000
2297821May 9, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque3100 block of Ortiz Dr NE10000
2297094May 8, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque8601 Central Avenue NE10000
2297077May 8, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque10254 Coors Bypass NW20100
2296786May 7, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque8600 block of Central Ave NE10000
2296685May 7, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque119 Richmond Dr SE10000
2295495May 5, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueGarcia St and Buena Ventura Rd10001
2292636May 1, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueTahiti St and Morenci Ave10002
2291770April 30, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque1200 block of Girard Blvd NE20001
2287380April 25, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueN/A10000
2279697January 28, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque1200 Louisiana Blvd NE10003
2277458April 12, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque13601 Copper Ave NE20000
2241654February 25, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque6701 Fortuna Rd NW10001
2268001April 1, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueLopez Rd SW and Arenal Rd SW00100
2265542March 29, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque1520 Candelaria Rd NE10001
2264610March 28, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque800 Avenida Cesar Chavez SE11000
2263336March 25, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque3737 Princeton Dr NE11005
2262707February 20, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque2700 block of Kathryn Ave10000
2257825March 19, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque13400 Wenonah Ave SE00100
2253570March 14, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque13000 block of Montgomery Blvd NE12100
2248134March 5, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque8009 Krim Ave NE10011
2246773March 4, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque6th St SW and Gold Ave SW10002
2242537February 26, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueRio Puerco Trail SW and Delgado Dr SW13001
2241688February 25, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque1st St NW and Tijeras Ave NW10000