Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2800109January 11, 2024OhioAshtabula3501 State Rd10001
2911419May 15, 2024AlabamaAthensSongbird Dr00100
2884108April 17, 2024GeorgiaAthens100 block of Huntington Rd11000
2865755March 27, 2024GeorgiaAthensKathwood Dr and Jefferson Rd10000
2848565March 8, 2024GeorgiaAthens705 Spring Valley Rd11004
2819100February 3, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta2048 Thomasville Ct SE10001
2835639February 22, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta205 Troy St NW10000
2831803February 16, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta1368 Grant St SE10001
2825688February 10, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta532 Cleveland Ave SW10001
2825627February 10, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta989 Linam Ave SE10001
2822333February 6, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta2591 Etheridge Dr NW10000
2821763February 5, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta2204 Sandridge Pl SW10000
2821749February 5, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta893 Mitchell St SW10000
2820518February 5, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta500 block of Chappel Rd NW10000
2792856January 2, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta321 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd SW12002
2819092February 2, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta5425 Riverdale Rd10000
2815958January 30, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta1065 Orlando Pl SW10000
2814929January 29, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta62 Harwell Rd NW10000
2809797January 23, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta172 Logan St SE00100
2804149January 17, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta3208 Charleston Place10100
2804126January 17, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta500 block of James P Brawley Dr10001
2802900January 15, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta26 Ormond St SW11000
2800837January 13, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta3901 Campbellton Rd SW11000
2798079January 9, 2024GeorgiaAtlanta2909 Campbellton Rd SW10001
2796121January 5, 2024GeorgiaAtlantaN/A10001