Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1588125January 1, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge2400 block of Jackson Ave10
1594710January 12, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge3600 block of Amarillo St10
1597516January 15, 2020LouisianaBaton RougePocasett St10
1597960January 13, 2020LouisianaBaton RougeLanier Dr and Greenwell Springs Rd10
1600770January 19, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge4100 block of W Brookstown Dr10
1605099January 24, 2020LouisianaBaton RougeMc Calop St and Terrace Ave10
1605309January 25, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge1915 Birch St10
1614313February 1, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge3900 block of Odell St10
1617648February 8, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge10000 block of The Grove Ave10
1618968February 9, 2020LouisianaBaton RougeBayou Fountain Ave10
1624272February 18, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge6224 Plank Rd10
1628189February 23, 2020LouisianaBaton Rouge3300 block of O'Neal Ln11
1592655January 8, 2020MississippiBay Saint Louis10 Bay Park Way22
1597474January 11, 2020TexasBaytown3200 block of E Cedar Bayou Rd10
1599781January 18, 2020OhioBeach City10871 Dolphin St SW20
1596334January 13, 2020TexasBeaumont11000 block of Kenner Rd10
1586051January 1, 2020OhioBedford (Bedford Heights)5900 block of Bear Creek Dr11
1622533February 16, 2020IndianaBeech Grove147 Diplomat Ct10
1619250February 10, 2020CaliforniaBell6900 block of Crafton Ave10
1615540February 6, 2020CaliforniaBell GardensJaboneria Rd and Eastern Ave10
1629084February 25, 2020CaliforniaBell Gardens (Cudahy)4700 block of Clara St10
1596276January 14, 2020TexasBellaire5100 Maple St10
1621698February 14, 2020FloridaBelleview4400 block of SE 155th St10
1587939January 3, 2020TexasBelton1610 S Wall St10
1604387January 2, 2020TexasBelton1600 block of S Wall St10